The TSP Millionaire System

The TSP Millionaire System was started in order to help federal employees earn a higher return on their investments in the Thrift Savings Plan.  Our core goals are for our system to be Easy to Use, Quick to Implement, and Extremely Effective.

Easy to Use

To make the TSP Millionaire System easy, we don’t fill our subscribers’ email inboxes with daily newsletters.  We don’t try to teach economics or how to trade stocks or tell you how to plan your financial future.  We simply provide great Thrift Savings Plan advice.  To see how great, visit our Past Performance page.

Quick to Implement

To make the TSP Millionaire System quick to implement, we send simple reminder emails to subscribers to login to their TSP Millionaire account when a new Recommendation has been posted.  At most, this will happen three times per month, though most months only have one or two.  The Thrift Savings Plan limits the number of times its participants can move their money around in any given month, and our Recommendations follow these guidelines.  See our How It Works page for the specifics of implementing the TSP Millionaire System step by step.

Extremely Effective

To make the TSP Millionaire System extremely effective, we conduct daily analysis of the price movements the of five main Thrift Savings Plan Funds, better known as the G, F, C, S, and I Funds.  Based on this analysis and other stock market data, we provide our subscribers with better returns than any buy-and-hold strategy can earn.  Since implementing our Recommendations based on daily analysis, the TSP Millionaire System has earned a better return than all five Thrift Savings Plan Funds – two years in a row.  See our Past Performance page to see our excellent results in 2014 and 2015.

Our Previous Recommendation Systems

When TSP Millionaire started, we originally used a Monthly Recommendation System that posted a new recommendation at the end of every month.  These recommendations were produced by a TSP Millionaire algorithm that had been back-tested against years of historic Thrift Savings Plan data.  During 2013, we discovered that our Monthly Recommendations were not producing the same level of results as they had during back-testing data from previous years.  We reviewed our results and noted that, while still effective, our Monthly System did not perform as well during periods in which the market made sudden moves.  2013 was just such a period.  Over time, we realized that we could earn much better returns with a more adaptive and timely system.  Consequently, we went back to the drawing board and started to devise a new recommendation system.

We created our Variable Recommendation System in order to respond to economic conditions faster than the Monthly Recommendations allowed.  We started posting our Variable Recommendations around mid-February 2014.  The Variable Recommendations were posted in response to certain market conditions and were produced based on daily, instead of monthly, Thrift Savings Plan Fund analysis.  Due to the way we conducted our Fund analysis for the Variable Recommendations, and how we now currently conduct this analysis for the TSP Millionaire System, it was not possible to back-test this recommendation system using historic Thrift Savings Plan data.  Consequently, we implemented the Variable Recommendations alongside the Monthly Recommendations in order to accumulate data.  As of the beginning of 2016, after almost two years of posting recommendations for our two concurrent systems, we were confident in moving forward with just one investment system, the TSP Millionaire System.