How It Works

The TSP Millionaire System takes less than 5 minutes per month to integrate into your Thrift Savings Plan account.

Step 1: Subscribe

The first step is to subscribe to TSP Millionaire.  Once you subscribe, you will have access to our TSP Millionaire System Recommendations.  Your first 3 months are FREE, and you can cancel at anytime, so you have nothing to lose by seeing the simple Thrift Savings Plan advice our system can offer.

(TSP Millionaire is not accepting any new or renewed subscriptions.)

Step 2: Review the Current Recommendation

After you subscribe and login for the first time, click on the link for the Current TSP Millionaire System Recommendation.  Our Current Recommendation is always valid until we post a new recommendation.  TSP Millionaire will send you a reminder email when a new recommendation has been posted.  When you receive the reminder email, simply login to TSP Millionaire and review the new Current Recommendation.  To save you time, the email will contain a convenient link to our website.

Step 3: Update Your Thrift Savings Plan account

To save you more time, follow the link from any of our Recommendation pages to the login page for the Thrift Savings Plan.  You will need to know either your 13-digit TSP account number or your user ID, and you will need to know your Thrift Savings Plan password.  Once you are logged in, look in the left-hand column of the page for the box pictured here:

Click the link for “Interfund Transfers” and then click the button for “Request Interfund Transfer”.  Insert the same percentages as in our Current Recommendation and click “Continue”.  Review what you entered to be sure it is correct and click “Submit”.

Remember: Interfund Transfers made by 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time will be reflected in your account at the end of that business day.  Interfund transfers made after this time will be reflected in your account at the end of the next business day.  Integration of the Recommendation into your TSP account should be as timely as possible.

If you wish, click the link for “Contribution Allocations” and proceed as you did for your Interfund Transfer.  Or, simply set your new contributions to always be allocated to the G Fund, or to another Fund that you like.  Doing this will have very little effect on your total earnings.  The money being allocated in this manner is the money that comes straight out of your paycheck.  These new contributions will be redistributed along with the rest of your account when you make a new Interfund Transfer.

And that's it!  Check out Our System to learn more details about the TSP Millionaire System, view our Past Performance to see the kinds of returns Our System has earned.