About TSP Millionaire

TSP Millionaire was started by a federal employee to help other federal employees.  When founder, Jacob Tennis, started working for the federal government, he realized that many of his government coworkers never paid attention to their Thrift Savings Plans.  Or, if they did, they only reviewed them once a year when they received their annual statements.  At the beginning of his career, Jacob was no different.  Once a year he checked his TSP balance, maybe made a few Interfund Transfers, tried out one of the L Funds, and forgot about the TSP until the following year.  It was during one of these annual reviews that Jacob hit upon the notion that not only did he think his TSP investments should be earning better returns, but they actually could be earning better returns.  If actively managed, he realized his Thrift Savings Plan could achieve better Performance.  Jacob thus began to create the adaptive algorithm that powered the TSP Millionaire Monthly System.  Never completely satisfied with any results, Jacob continuously tested new investment strategies to try to improve returns.  From this ongoing work, he created the TSP Millionaire Variable System, which has now become the sole TSP Millionaire System.  And not only is TSP Millionaire for Subscribers, Jacob uses the same System to actively manage his own, and his wife's, Thrift Savings Plan accounts.